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Kantar Unveils Top Christmas Ads for the Current Year

Discover how 2023's holiday ads broke records with Coca-Cola's iconic 'Holidays are Coming' stealing the spotlight.

2023's Best Christmas Ads: Coca-Cola Reigns Supreme

In 2023, the holiday season has seen an explosion of incredible festive ads that have not just hit the mark but have soared beyond expectations. Big-name brands have pulled out all the stops, delivering Christmas spectacles that have captivated audiences like never before.

Kantar's latest data is in, and it's a whopping 67 percentile leap in effectiveness compared to last year's ads. They've delved deep, using facial coding tech and feedback from 3,600 customers to uncover the true winners of this year's advertising race.

Coca-Cola's timeless 'Holidays are coming' has claimed the coveted top spot as the ultimate Christmas ad of the year. Meanwhile, McDonald’s eyebrow-raising extravaganza has left audiences in stitches, clinching the title for the funniest ad of the season.

According to Lynne Deason, Kantar’s head of creative excellence, evoking an emotional response, especially through humor, is the secret sauce for ads to truly shine. McDonald’s nailed it, tickling funny bones while cleverly weaving its brand into the story. However, when it comes to driving immediate sales, Coca-Cola stole the spotlight by ensuring its product remained front and center.

Deason emphasized the power of nostalgia, especially during challenging times, praising Coca-Cola's ability to tug at heartstrings with 'Holidays are Coming'. The enduring joy and consistency of this ad have cemented its place in the top tier of all-time enjoyable ads, creating a warm sentiment among viewers.

And let's not forget Duracell, making a stunning comeback to the Christmas ad scene, proving that focusing on the product can still draw massive attention in 2023.

This year's advertising lineup has been fiercely competitive, but these standout ads have not just captured attention—they've etched themselves into the hearts and minds of viewers, ensuring that the holiday spirit is alive and thriving in the world of commercials.