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Adobe Lightroom Gets a Major Upgrade with AI-Powered Denoise and Content Credentials Support

Adobe Lightroom just got even better with the addition of some exciting new features! One of the most noteworthy updates is the AI-enhanced denoise feature, which makes it easier to improve the quality of high-ISO RAW files without losing any details. This feature was created by the same team that worked on Adobe's Raw Details and Super Resolution features, and the goal is to achieve usable results for a 20-megapixel camera at ISO 51200. How cool is that?

In addition to the AI-powered denoise feature, Lightroom also has new AI mask categories for selecting people based on their clothing and facial hair. Plus, there are new adaptive presets for portraits that utilize these new masking features. For those who love to travel, there are 18 new travel presets to experiment with, and for those who enjoy black and white photography, Lightroom now has black and white video presets.

But perhaps the most exciting new feature is the tech preview of Content Credentials in Lightroom. This allows users to add attribution information and information about their edits as verifiable metadata to their photos. This feature was previously only available in Photoshop, Adobe Stock, and Behance, so it's great to see it added to Lightroom.

It's clear that Adobe is committed to improving Lightroom with the latest AI technology. With the AI-enhanced denoise feature, users can easily achieve high-quality results without any loss of detail, making it a great addition to any photographer's workflow. And with the new masking categories and adaptive presets, creating stunning portraits has never been easier. It's exciting to see what Adobe will come up with next!