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Adobe's Firefly Generative AI Models Now Generally Available with Pricing Plans

Adobe Firefly, the generative AI model, is now generally available and integrated into Adobe's suite of products. Learn about its new 'generative credits' pricing scheme.

Adobe's Firefly AI

Adobe has officially launched its Firefly generative AI models after a 176-day beta period. The feature, now part of Adobe's Creative Cloud, Adobe Express, and Adobe Experience Cloud, aims to revolutionize digital design with its 'generative fill' and 'generative expand' features in Photoshop.

Alongside the product's integration into Adobe's existing platforms, Firefly is also launched as a standalone web app.

Adobe will use 'generative credits' to measure user interactions. Every 'generate' click consumes one credit. Here are the credits allocated for different Adobe plans:

  • Creative Cloud All Apps: 1,000 credits
  • Adobe Stock paid subscriptions: 500 credits
  • Adobe Express Premium: 250 credits
  • Adobe Firefly Premium: 100 credits
  • Creative Cloud for Enterprise All Apps: 1,000 credits
  • Creative Cloud Pro Plus All Apps: 3,000 credits
  • Free users: 25 credits

Once the allocated credits are used, the Firefly tool will operate at reduced speed. For Adobe Firefly and Adobe Express Premium subscribers, only two generations per day are allowed until the next monthly reset.

Adobe assures that Firefly's generative models are safe for commercial usage. Enterprise users will even be indemnified against potential lawsuits involving Firefly-generated images.

Alexandru Costin, Adobe’s VP for Generative AI and Sensei, emphasized the need to balance quality and fair usage, explaining the choice of a credit-based system over a token-based one after feedback from early testers.

Firefly has generated over 2 billion images thus far. While specific pricing hasn't been revealed for additional subscription packs, Adobe promises to protect and prioritize its user base.

Adobe Firefly is poised to make waves in the creative industry with its newly announced commercial availability and credit-based pricing model.