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Airbnb Acquires Stealthy Firm Founded by Siri Co-founder

Diving into the future, Airbnb acquires GamePlanner.AI for $200 million, signaling a strategic move to revolutionize AI-driven experiences in the travel industry.

Airbnb Ventures into AI Innovation with $200 Million GamePlanner.AI Acquisition

In a groundbreaking move, Airbnb has announced the acquisition of the enigmatic AI startup, GamePlanner.AI, for a reported $200 million. Co-founded by Adam Cheyer and Siamak Hodjat, notable figures in the AI industry, GamePlanner's expertise remains shrouded in mystery. While the startup's online presence has been elusive, Airbnb's CEO, Brian Chesky, sheds light on the strategic vision behind the acquisition.

Chesky envisions GamePlanner.AI as a force in crafting AI-driven experiences, merging artificial intelligence and design seamlessly. Despite limited information on GamePlanner's specific offerings, Chesky emphasizes the importance of AI positively augmenting human experiences. The 12-person GamePlanner team is set to accelerate key AI projects and integrate their technological prowess into Airbnb's platform.

Airbnb's foray into AI reflects Chesky's commitment to transformative technology. He envisions utilizing generative AI to build a unique "travel concierge" capable of learning and adapting to individual travelers' preferences. This acquisition, Airbnb's first since 2019 and its inaugural move as a public company, underscores the company's dedication to realizing Chesky's AI ambitions and revolutionizing the future of travel experiences. Exciting times lie ahead as Airbnb pioneers the integration of cutting-edge AI technologies into the heart of global hospitality.