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Amazon Building an AI-Powered Chatbot for Product Search

Amazon is developing a new "interactive conversational experience" to enhance product search. The AI-powered feature aims to help users with product questions, comparisons, and personalized suggestions.

Amazon is working on a new AI-powered chatbot designed to improve product search on its platform. As Bloomberg reported, job listings indicate the e-commerce giant is "reimagining Amazon Search" with an "interactive conversational experience" that will provide answers to product-related questions, facilitate product comparisons, and offer personalized product recommendations.

In one of the job listings for a machine learning-focused engineer, Amazon describes this initiative as a monumental transformation for Search, likening its impact to how the Mosaic browser changed internet engagement three decades ago. The company is eager to roll out this feature as soon as possible, underlining the significance of this development in its strategy.

The development of a chatbot for product search comes as no surprise, given the increased use of AI in enhancing shopping experiences. Google recently demonstrated how its AI-powered Search Generative Experience can create buying guides from a single search. To stay competitive, Amazon is likely keen on launching its own AI-powered chatbot promptly.

However, it remains uncertain when this new feature will be released or what it will look like. Amazon spokesperson Keri Bertolino confirmed the company's substantial investment in generative AI across all its businesses but did not provide specific details about the chatbot project.

Despite the uncertainties, it seems probable that conversational shopping will soon arrive on Amazon, potentially adding more complexity to the platform's search experience. As with Google's generative AI search, users will hope that Amazon's new feature will be optional.