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Amazon Extends Home Robot Offerings to Businesses

Discover Amazon's innovative move with Astro for Business, repurposing the Astro robot for small- and medium-sized business security. Explore advanced features and pricing options for enhanced corporate monitoring.

Amazon Adapts Astro Robot for Corporate Security with Astro for Business

In a strategic move to tap into the corporate security sector, Amazon has transformed its Astro robot into "Astro for Business." This adaptation is designed to cater to the security needs of small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) by offering advanced monitoring capabilities. Priced at $2,349.99, Astro for Business introduces several enhancements, including the ability to create multiple security monitoring routes and the capability to send alerts for specific events like the sound of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms or glass breaking.

Astro for Business aims to fill the gap left by traditional security solutions, which can be perceived as static or expensive for the unique needs of businesses. However, the pricing strategy may pose a challenge for widespread adoption, especially for SMEs with budget constraints. The service requires additional subscription plans for full functionality, including video history storage, synchronization with Ring alarms and motion detectors, and human agent support.

While Amazon's Astro robot initially targeted the home robotics market, the adaptation for the business sector underscores the challenges of cracking the consumer market. The corporate-focused Astro for Business is part of Amazon's effort to find a niche for its robot technology, particularly as Astro remains an invite-only product, and its purpose within the consumer market remains unclear. As Amazon explores new avenues for Astro, questions linger about its long-term strategy in the competitive robotics landscape.