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Amazon Introduces AI-Powered Enhancements to Thursday Night Football Broadcasts

Amazon's Prime Video is leveraging AI and machine learning to revamp the NFL Thursday Night Football experience. From predictive analytics to real-time stats, here's how AI is revolutionizing sports streaming.

AI Powers Amazon’s Thursday Night Football

Amazon is pulling out all the stops to redefine the sports viewing experience. As the exclusive rights holder for the NFL's Thursday Night Football (TNF), Amazon's Prime Video is launching several AI-driven features aimed to make your game nights more interactive and informative.

We don’t want to just put math on the screen,” says Betsy Riley, Senior Coordinating Producer at Prime Video. The objective is to use AI and machine learning to give viewers deeper insights into the game. From predictive analytics like 'Defensive Alerts,' which indicates potential blitzing players, to 'Prime Targets,' which highlights open players in real-time, these features are designed to enrich viewer understanding of the game's intricacies.

Last year, Amazon introduced AI features such as 'X-Ray' for real-time statistics and 'Rapid Recap' for quick highlights. Following the success, which included a Sports Emmy win, Amazon is set to launch even more AI features, all under their alternate stream named Prime Vision with Next Gen Stats.

In a first, Amazon will exclusively stream the NFL’s first Black Friday game between the Miami Dolphins and the New York Jets. This event will be free for non-subscribers and is expected to feature exclusive shopping deals, effectively merging sports viewing and holiday shopping.

Taking the visual experience up a notch, Amazon is introducing HDR video quality for TNF. Available on any HDR-enabled device, this feature doesn't require any settings change and promises more vivid colors and better contrast.

Another intriguing feature is 'Fourth Down Territory,' which will help fans understand the analytics behind the high-stake fourth-down decisions. With this feature, viewers will see real-time probabilities regarding whether the team should go for a fourth down or not.

Field Goal Target Zones' will provide multiple lines on the screen to indicate the likelihood of a successful field goal from various points on the field, taking the guesswork out of crucial kicking decisions.

These innovations are a testament to Amazon's efforts to blend technology with entertainment, aiming for a more engaging and enlightening sports-viewing experience. The rollout for these features is set for September 14, when the 2023 NFL season begins. Are you ready for a new era of football viewing?