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Amazon Introduces In-Game Shopping with Amazon Anywhere

Amazon Anywhere is a new shopping tool that enables users to make in-game and in-app purchases, providing a seamless shopping experience within entertainment platforms.

Amazon in-game shopping experience using Amazon Anywhere.

Amazon is launching Amazon Anywhere, a new shopping tool designed to enhance in-game and in-app purchases by allowing users to buy items without leaving the game or app. The tool is debuting in Peridot, an augmented reality adventure pet game.

Amazon Anywhere allows users to view relevant products, such as Peridot-branded merchandise, within a game or app. It provides product details, images, prices, estimated delivery dates, and more. By connecting their Amazon account to the app, shoppers can make purchases without leaving the game.

Developers can use Amazon Anywhere to curate a selection of goods for shoppers to buy within games and apps, with Amazon handling fulfillment and delivery. Niantic, the developer of Pokémon Go, is Amazon's first partner in improving in-game shopping. However, the company notes that the tool can be used more broadly for video games, mobile apps, and virtual worlds.

Steve Downer, Vice President of Consumer Electronics at Amazon, said in a company blog post that the company aims to "create a new landscape for shoppable entertainment and digital experiences while continuing to meet our customers where they are, with the products they love." He added that Amazon wants to change the current limitations of shopping in virtual worlds, where purchases are mainly limited to virtual currency and in-game digital items.

In addition to Amazon Anywhere, the company has been working to improve the in-app buying experience for its products. Amazon has previously introduced a virtual shoe try-on feature in its shopping app and integrated with Snapchat's Shopping Lenses for digital eyewear try-on. Like Amazon Anywhere, Snap offers shopping tools to businesses to enhance their digital shopping experiences, including AR Enterprise Services that add Snap's AR technology to their operations.