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Amazon Innovates Mobile Search, Takes On Google and Pinterest

Amazon introduces a series of new search features, taking on tech giants like Google and Pinterest in the product search domain. Enhanced visual and AR search capabilities aim to redefine mobile shopping experiences.


In a major update, Amazon is introducing several new features aimed at making product searches on mobile devices more intuitive, thereby challenging existing product search engines like Google and Pinterest.

One notable feature improves upon Amazon's existing visual search engine. Now, users can combine text and images in their search queries. For example, if you're looking for a replacement part for a "Frigidaire" appliance, you can snap a photo of the part and add the text "Frigidaire" to refine your search. This mirrors Google's multisearch feature, which also allows for text and image-based queries.

Amazon’s AR feature, which previously helped users visualize furniture and décor in their spaces, now also supports smaller items like lamps and kitchen appliances. Users can virtually place these items in their living spaces using the app.

The new "Find-on-Amazon" feature allows users to share a photo with the Amazon Shopping app to find visually similar products, a functionality that competes directly with similar offerings from Google and Pinterest.

Other smaller enhancements include adding sales trend data next to product listings and better searching for previously purchased items. When Amazon detects that you are searching for an item you've bought before, it will prioritize showing it at the top of the search results along with your last purchase date.

These upgrades might seem minor individually, but collectively they could change consumer behavior, leading more people to search directly on Amazon rather than using other search engines. This could also affect Google’s advertising revenue, adding another layer to the competition between Amazon and the Google-Meta digital ad duopoly.

Some of these features have been silently launched, while others are currently rolling out. The updates signal a significant departure from Amazon’s traditional search functionalities, which had primarily relied on keyword searches and barcode scans.

Amazon is steadily enhancing its search capabilities to offer a more integrated and user-friendly shopping experience. As these new features roll out, the retail giant is not just improving its platform but also directly challenging the likes of Google and Pinterest in the product search landscape.

Stay tuned for more updates on Amazon's ever-evolving shopping experience!