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Amazon Unveils New Healthcare Services with AI Tools: AWS HealthScribe and HealthImaging

Amazon expands its healthcare services with AWS HealthScribe, an AI-powered platform to help clinicians transcribe and analyze patient discussions, and AWS HealthImaging, a service for storing and analyzing medical imaging data.

AWS Introduces AI-Powered HealthScribe and HealthImaging

At the annual AWS Summit conference in New York, Amazon announced the expansion of its health-focused services with AWS HealthScribe, an AI-enabled platform designed to assist clinicians in transcribing and analyzing patient interactions.

AWS HealthScribe creates transcripts from doctor-patient conversations, extracts pertinent details, and creates summaries that can be integrated into electronic health record (EHR) systems. According to Amazon, the platform's machine learning models can convert these transcripts into patient notes for further analysis.

HealthScribe categorizes transcripts based on clinical relevance, such as "small talk," "subjective comments," or "objective comments." Moreover, it provides natural language processing abilities to extract structured medical terms from discussions. The AI-augmented notes include details like the patient's present illness history, takeaways, and reasons for the visit.

However, there are concerns over the consistent accuracy of HealthScribe, especially with the potential for bias and misinterpretation in automated speech recognition systems. For now, HealthScribe can only create clinical notes for two medical specialties: general medicine and orthopedics, and it offers clinicians the opportunity to review notes before finalizing records in their EHR.

Emphasizing on data security and privacy, Amazon ensures that HealthScribe does not retain customer data after processing requests and encrypts data during transit and at rest. The company also mentioned that HealthScribe does not use the inputs and outputs generated by the service to train any of its AI models.

Amazon also launched AWS HealthImaging, a service designed to store, transform, and analyze medical imaging data at a petabyte scale. This service enables customers to run medical imaging apps from a single copy of each medical image in the AWS cloud.

Both AWS HealthScribe and HealthImaging are a testament to Amazon's ongoing efforts to harness AI technologies to improve healthcare and life sciences.