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Animoca Brands and T&B Media Global Collaborate to Expand Web3 Ecosystem

Witness the convergence of innovation! Animoca Brands and T&B Media Global form a strategic alliance, exploring NFTs, cross-promotion, and Web3 potential for transformative digital experiences.

Animoca Brands and T&B Media Global Forge Strategic Partnership for Web3 Innovation!

Hong Kong's Animoca Brands and Thailand's T&B Media Global have unveiled an ambitious strategic partnership aimed at propelling innovation within the Web3 landscape. The collaboration, unfolding in multiple stages, is set to leverage the combined strengths of both entities in cross-promotion, NFT exploration, and the pursuit of seamless interoperability within their respective ecosystems.

The inaugural phase of this alliance focuses on a strategic cross-promotion strategy between Animoca Brands' flagship NFT project, Mocaverse, and T&B's ecosystem and NFT collection, Mittaria. This collaboration aims to harness the marketing channels and robust communities of both entities, expanding their reach and cultivating heightened awareness. By intertwining these ecosystems, the partnership endeavors to unlock new levels of interoperability, enriching the user experience across diverse platforms.

In addition to cross-promotion efforts, Animoca Brands and T&B are poised to explore opportunities within LightLink, an Ethereum-based network renowned for its high performance, security, and scalability. This exploration aims to bolster the capabilities of both entities and contribute significantly to the global adoption of digital property rights. The partnership is driven by a mutual objective to identify further avenues of collaboration within their extensive networks and ecosystems.

Yat Siu, Co-founder and Executive Chairman of Animoca Brands, expressed enthusiasm about merging Mittaria and Mocaverse ecosystems. He emphasized the potential of an open metaverse to redefine digital property rights and gaming experiences, heralding this partnership as a significant stride towards that visionary future.

Dr. Jwanwat Ahriyavraromp, Founder and CEO of T&B Media Global, highlighted the expansion of their relationship with Animoca Brands, building upon their existing partnership with The Sandbox. The collaboration aims to establish a network of interoperable Web3 capabilities, offering users seamless and immersive experiences across various platforms.

T&B Media Global, an intellectual property (IP) company dedicated to entertainment technologies and storytelling, focuses on family-friendly content and groundbreaking technologies. Their Mittaria ecosystem pioneers innovation in NFTs, the metaverse, and gaming industries, positioning itself as the hub of animation and fostering a unique, immersive experience for creators and users alike.

Animoca Brands, a Web3 firm leveraging blockchain for global digital property rights, boasts a diverse portfolio including original games like The Sandbox, PHANTOM GALAXIES™, and Life Beyond, along with products featuring iconic intellectual properties such as The Walking Dead, Power Rangers, and MotoGP™. With a substantial portfolio of over 400 Web3 investments, Animoca Brands stands as a pioneering force committed to innovation and growth in the blockchain space.

The collaboration between Animoca Brands and T&B Media Global symbolizes a strategic alliance aimed at advancing the Web3 landscape. Through cross-promotion, interoperability exploration, and engagement on Ethereum's LightLink network, this partnership aims to pioneer new frontiers in NFTs, the metaverse, and gaming. Leveraging their strengths and networks, the collaboration is set to elevate digital entertainment and blockchain industries.