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Anticipating M3-Equipped iMacs: Possible Release in October by Apple

Rumors suggest that Apple might release new M3-powered iMacs in October. If true, it will be the first iMac update since the colorful 2021 redesign.

Apple's M3-Equipped iMacs Expected Release in October

The tech industry is abuzz with rumors that Apple may launch new M3-equipped iMacs this October. This speculated release would be Apple's first all-in-one update since the vibrant redesign it unveiled in 2021.

Although the speculation about the M3-powered iMac is not definite, the timing seems plausible. The previous iMac model, boasting a fresh, colorful design, was launched over two years ago, suggesting it's time for a refresh.

However, this update may not bring any substantial changes to the device's form factor. A recent report suggested that larger iMacs, potentially up to 32 inches, may not be available until late 2024. Thus, the October release might simply feature a spec-bumped version of the current 24-inch model.

Additionally, the rumors also hint at the possibility of M3 updates for Apple's 13-inch MacBooks, including the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro. As for the iPad, there's speculation about an M3 version of the iPad Pro with an OLED screen arriving next year, and a faster iPad Air model currently in development.

As the end of the year approaches, all eyes will be on Apple to see if these rumors materialize.