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Apple Acknowledges Screen Time Bug Impacting Family Sharing Features

Apple has confirmed a persistent bug that prevents Screen Time limits for kids set via the Family Sharing system from saving correctly.

Apple Confirms Bug Affecting Screen Time Limits

Apple has confirmed an existing bug that is causing Screen Time limits set via the Family Sharing system not to save correctly. This has resulted in some kids being able to bypass restrictions set by their parents on Apple devices. The issue was supposed to be rectified back in May but continues to persist.

Apple's Family Sharing system is designed to enable parents to place restrictions on the use of their kids’ devices. One of its central features is Screen Time, which allows parents to monitor and limit the usage of specific apps and the device overall. It was found that a specific setting known as Downtime, which restricts access to the entire device, has been failing to save correctly. This failure resulted in a situation where the Downtime limits had to be set thrice before they were properly saved. Consequently, kids might have had more access to their devices than their parents intended.

Apple confirmed the persisting bug to the Journal and stated that it is working on resolving the issue, but did not provide a specific timeline. "We are aware that some users may be experiencing an issue where Screen Time settings are unexpectedly reset," Apple told the Journal. "We take these reports very seriously and we have been, and will continue, making updates to improve the situation."