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Apple Approves Twitter's Rebranding to X

After a series of changes, Twitter's app finally gets the green light from Apple to change its name to X on the App Store.

Twitter Rebrands to X: Apple's Exception to Naming Rules

After a string of adjustments to its social handles and interface branding, Twitter has finally been given permission by Apple to rebrand its app to 'X' on the App Store. This move is somewhat unusual, as Apple usually does not permit developers to use a single character as their app's name.

The rebranding involved changing Twitter's old bird logo and screenshots in the App Store to the new 'X' logo. However, a technical obstacle arose when Twitter attempted to change its listed name on the App Store due to Apple's character restrictions on app names.

Surprisingly, Apple has granted an exception to Elon Musk's X Corp., the official owner of Twitter, permitting a single-character app name. The App Store tagline for X has also been changed from "Let's talk." to "Blaze Your Glory!!". Musk has tweeted this tagline, although its meaning remains unclear.

In contrast, the rebranding of Twitter to X on Android faced no obstacles, with the name and logo change taking place simultaneously. Over the weekend, another unrelated app named X was renamed voluntarily, despite Twitter/X or Apple not reaching out to the developers.

In addition to the app's rebranding, X is in the process of renaming its subscription service from Twitter Blue to X Blue. The company's support page now highlights that the subscription service allows users to upload up to three hours of video, an extension from the previous two-hour limit.

Recently, X also expanded its ad revenue-sharing program globally after distributing $5 million in the first round of payments. To be eligible for earning, creators must be verified, have at least 500 followers, and have accumulated a total of 15 million impressions from their posts in the last three months.