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Apple Astonishes with New Apple Silicon-Powered Mac Pro at WWDC 2023

Apple unveils an unexpected surprise at WWDC 2023 with the new Apple Silicon-powered Mac Pro, marking the end of their transition from Intel processors.


In an unexpected move at the WWDC 2023 event, Apple captivated its fans by introducing an all-new Mac Pro desktop and rack-mounted workstation, powered by the company's Apple Silicon. This latest beast of a workstation marks the completion of Apple's transition away from Intel processors.

Catering to high-end professionals, the Mac Pro comes equipped with the newly minted M2 Ultra processor from Apple. Sporting a 24-core CPU and up to a staggering 76-core GPU, this workstation outperforms the base model of the previous Intel-based Mac Pro by seven times.

The new processor enables an incredible RAM capacity, supporting up to 192GB of unified memory, a notable leap from the M1 Ultra processors. Despite Apple's claim that the system could be used for AI model training, the typical method involves cloud-based computer arrays rather than a desktop computer. However, when it comes to video, 3D, and high-end music studio applications, more power always equals more fun.

Packed with all the top-tier features you'd anticipate, the new Mac Pro comes with eight Thunderbolt ports and six fourth-generation PCIe slots. While these features may not resonate with the average user, they are pivotal for TV and live event production as expansion cards are essential for high-speed content processing.

Starting at $6,999, the Apple Mac Pro's price can significantly increase when customized with all desired high-end features.