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Apple Enhances Concert Discovery with New Features in Maps and Music

Apple takes concert discovery to the next level with new features in Maps and Music, offering users the ability to find local shows and explore set lists. Powered by Shazam integration, these additions enhance the user experience and keep music lovers connected to their favorite artists.

Apple is taking concert discovery to the next level by introducing new features in its Maps and Music apps. In Apple Music, users can now explore a dedicated Set Lists section within the Browse tab. This addition allows music enthusiasts to discover an artist's upcoming shows and browse through set lists from their tours, offering a deeper connection to the live music experience.

On the other hand, Apple Maps is introducing over 40 curated guides that showcase the best live music venues across the globe. From Viennese symphony halls to Brooklyn's techno clubs, users can explore these guides and directly access upcoming shows within the Maps app. Although currently available in select cities, such as Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Tokyo, London, and Paris, this feature brings the world of live music right to your fingertips.

Both the Apple Music and Apple Maps features are powered by an integration with Shazam's concert discovery module. This integration seamlessly provides a list of upcoming concerts directly from an artist's page, eliminating the need to navigate to a separate platform for concert information. With these additions, Apple is enhancing the user experience by making it effortless to stay connected with your favorite artists and discover new musical experiences.

While other music streaming apps like Spotify offer concert discovery features, Apple's integration sets it apart. Although ticket purchasing currently redirects users to third-party platforms like Ticketmaster, Apple's approach offers a seamless and comprehensive concert-finding experience. By integrating concert discovery into its popular apps, Apple is ensuring that users can easily explore local shows and immerse themselves in the vibrant world of live music.