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Apple is already using its chatbot for internal work

Apple is already using its internal chatbot, Apple GPT, to assist employees and it may soon be utilized for customer support, despite known challenges in AI implementation.

Apple Chatbot: A New Tool for Customer Support Services?

Apple is reportedly using an internal chatbot, known as Apple GPT, to assist its employees in prototyping future features, summarizing text, and answering questions. The company's precise plans for the customer-facing application of its chatbot project remain uncertain. However, according to a recent report, Apple is exploring ways to expand generative AI within the organization, potentially deploying the tool to its AppleCare support staff to enhance customer service.

Yet, any immediate application seems unlikely as Apple and its CEO, Tim Cook, are well aware of the inaccuracies often associated with chatbots. During a May earnings call, Cook highlighted the numerous challenges that need to be addressed in the realm of AI. As a result, Apple's strategy with AI advancements is expected to be more deliberate compared to tech giants like Google and Microsoft, who are keen to integrate generative AI swiftly into their offerings. Nevertheless, insiders have hinted at a significant AI-related announcement from Apple next year.

The cautious approach is justified. There are instances where companies, including Apple and Samsung, have reportedly asked their employees to refrain from using chatbots due to the risk of information leakage and the possibility of 'hallucinations,' generating false data. A notable example is the fabricated cases produced by ChatGPT for a legal brief.

However, as the AI landscape evolves with developments from competitors like Meta and Samsung, Apple must respond. While Apple has managed to steer clear of the AI hype thus far, its continuous addition of machine learning features to devices and the hiring of John Giannandrea, former Google AI head, in 2018, signify its commitment to explore the challenging but promising realm of generative AI.