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Apple Listens to Users: Returns 'End Call' Button to its Old Spot in iOS 17!

Apple, in its latest iOS 17 update, played a game of musical chairs with the 'end call' button. But after user feedback, the game's over, and the button's back where it belongs!

Apple's iOS 17

Hold that call! Apple has gone back on a recent UI design decision for iOS 17. Fans of the old 'end call' button placement, rejoice!

Apple's knack for innovation doesn’t always mean changing things up. The tech giant made waves at the WWDC with its announcement of iOS 17’s new features. But amidst the applause was a minor hiccup - the shifting of the iconic 'end call' button. This button, traditionally centered at the bottom, found a new home on the bottom right.

Why the change? iOS 17’s beta version aimed to refresh the call screen UI, making room for the new 'Contact Posters' feature. This switch, while subtle, wasn't lost on keen-eyed Apple users. As the beta versions progressed, the relocated 'end call' button started catching more eyes and, possibly, critiques.

It seems Apple values its fan feedback. Reports hint at a not-so-warm reception to the relocated button. And Apple listened! The 'end call' button has now returned to its former glory spot in the latest betas.

This change goes to show that Apple, while ever-pushing the envelope of design, also understands the value of user familiarity and comfort. With the upcoming iPhone launch next month, the iOS 17 update will roll out to devices, bringing along the now-familiar 'end call' button right where users remember it. The tech journey continues, with user feedback in the driver's seat!