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Apple Takes Significant Strides in Mental Health with iPhone and Watch Tracking

Apple champions mental health care with its new mood tracking feature on iPhone and Watch, emphasizing its importance alongside physical health.


Apple takes a giant leap to bridge the gap in mental health care with its newly introduced mood tracking feature. Recognizing the strong correlation between mental health and various health measurements such as sleep and exercise, Apple underscores the importance of mental health in parallel to physical health.

During its WWDC 2023 keynote, Apple proposed the idea "you can't improve what you don't measure," encouraging users to observe and log their emotional states for future analysis. With the Apple Watch, users can use the digital crown to navigate through a spectrum of emotions, allowing them to identify specific triggers — be it work travel, family stress, or relationship issues — that impact their mental wellbeing.

Apple also introduces standardized assessments for anxiety and depression, tracking indicators like self-assessed appetite, energy levels, and restlessness. The assessments enable users to understand their risk for these mental health conditions. It paves the way for users to recognize when professional help, like a doctor or therapist, might be needed. The feature also allows users to share their reports with care providers and suggests useful articles and resources for additional help.