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Apple to Roll Out Software Update to Address Radiation Concerns in iPhone 12 Models

Apple is set to release a software update for iPhone 12 models to comply with France's radiation regulations. The move comes after the French agency ANFR found the device to exceed the acceptable radiation limits.

Apple Resolves Radiation Concerns for iPhone 12 with Upcoming Software Update

Following concerns from France’s radiation watchdog, ANFR, Apple has announced it will release a software update to make the iPhone 12 compliant with French radiation standards.

Earlier this week, ANFR released a public statement indicating that the iPhone 12 exceeded acceptable radiation levels. Apple was advised to suspend sales and swiftly release a fix.

"This is related to a specific testing protocol used by French regulators and not a safety concern," said an Apple spokesperson.

When a new phone is released, ANFR tests its Specific Absorption Rates (SAR) for compliance with safety standards. The EU standard stipulates that human body exposure should not exceed 2W/kg of radiation over 10g of tissue. Apple's iPhone 12 falls under this limit.

However, ANFR also measures SAR for limbs to evaluate radiation exposure for hands and legs. The iPhone 12 was found to have an SAR level of 5.74 W/kg, which exceeds the limit of 4 W/kg.

Experts have noted that the iPhone 12's radiation level still falls well below the limit that could pose serious health risks. However, rules are rules, and Apple is expected to adhere to them.

The situation caught international attention. Belgium initiated its review, the Dutch digital watchdog sought clarification, and Germany's telecom regulator reached out to their French counterpart.

ANFR had stated from the beginning that a software update could resolve the issue, negating the need for a product recall. Apple has confirmed that this will be the course of action.

This situation is expected to be resolved shortly with the upcoming software update, and it is likely that the issue will soon fade from public attention.

Note: Users in France should expect an update notification to bring their iPhone 12 into compliance with local radiation standards.