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Apple to Shut Down My Photo Stream Service

Apple announces the discontinuation of My Photo Stream, urging users to switch to iCloud Photos for seamless image syncing across devices. The shutdown will take place on July 26th, 2023, allowing users to access and save their photos before the deadline.

Apple has made an important announcement regarding its My Photo Stream service, stating that it will be discontinued on July 26th, 2023. My Photo Stream, a popular feature since the launch of iCloud in 2011, allowed users to easily upload their photos and videos to iCloud. However, Apple now advises customers to utilize iCloud Photos for seamless image syncing across their devices.

Starting June 26th, 2023, automatic photo uploads to iCloud through My Photo Stream will cease. Users will have a 30-day window until the official shutdown on July 26th to access their stored media on iCloud. The good news is that all photos and videos uploaded via My Photo Stream will remain in their original format and resolution on at least one of the user's Apple devices. This means that no precious memories will be lost during the shutdown process. To ensure continued access to specific images, Apple recommends saving them to the device's Photo Library before the deadline.

For iPhone and iPad users, saving an image from My Photo Stream is as simple as opening the Photos app, locating the My Photo Stream album, selecting the desired photo, and tapping the Share button to save it to the Library. Apple concludes its support document by emphasizing that iCloud Photos is the ultimate solution for keeping photos and videos up to date across all devices while ensuring secure storage in the iCloud ecosystem.

This move by Apple signifies the company's commitment to streamlining its photo management services and providing users with an enhanced experience through iCloud Photos.