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Apple Watch X to Sport Slimmer Design, Magnetic Bands, and Blood Pressure Monitoring

et ready for a transformative experience with Apple Watch X! Thinner, magnetic, and with a microLED display, it's the future of wrist tech.

Apple Watch X

Apple's gearing up to celebrate the Apple Watch's decade in style with the rumored Apple Watch X. Expected to be a game-changer, here’s the scoop on what's ticking under its hood!

While Apple Watches have been our faithful wrist companions since 2015, the real magic is yet to unveil! Apple, known for its innovative strides, has something monumental brewing for its 10th-anniversary watch edition - the Apple Watch X.

This isn't just another annual upgrade; insiders, including the trusted Mark Gurman from Bloomberg, hint at some groundbreaking changes. Imagine swapping the slide-in design for a magnetic band attachment! Not only will this provide an elegant and secure fit but will free up space for a beefier battery. And if rumors are to be believed, the Apple Watch X might flaunt a slender casing paired with a vibrant microLED display, outshining the present OLED screens.

Health enthusiasts, there's a treat for you too! The upcoming model may boast a blood pressure sensor, adding to the existing suite of health features like heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and blood oxygen detection.

But here's the catch – we might have to play the waiting game. With the Apple Watch Series 9 unveiling this September, boasting a spruced-up processor and fresh hues, the X might either follow the yearly cadence or make a grand entrance a decade post the first release.

Hold onto your seats (and wrists)! Whether it's a year or two, the Apple Watch X promises to be worth every ticking second of the wait!