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Apple's iOS 17 Set to Release on Monday, September 18

iOS 17, launching on September 18, is set to deliver groundbreaking features across iPhone apps. From revamping iMessage to introducing Live Voicemail, here’s your guide to what’s new.

Apple's iOS 17

Apple confirmed that its latest operating system, iOS 17, will be available as a free software update starting Monday, September 18, 2023. The new OS brings a host of new features and enhancements to the iPhone, with major improvements in iMessage, Phone, FaceTime, and more.

New Functionality Across Apps

iOS 17 will introduce a range of new functionalities, including Live Voicemail, FaceTime audio and video messages, Contact Posters for customizing your appearance during incoming calls, and a revamped Messages app.

Live Voicemail

The Phone app now features Live Voicemail, a next-generation answering machine that gives users more control over their messages.

FaceTime Upgrades

Expect richer FaceTime interactions with audio and video messaging capabilities, allowing for more expressive conversations.

Contact Posters

With Contact Posters, customize how you appear to others during incoming calls for a personalized touch.

iMessage Gets a Major Overhaul

The iMessage app is getting a significant redesign, complete with a new drawer in the keyboard for easier access to common functions like Camera, Photo, Stickers, Apple Cash, Audio, and Location Sharing.

Live Stickers

One of the more creative additions is the “Live Stickers” feature, which lets users create their own stickers by lifting subjects from their photos and adding optional effects.

NameDrop — A New Sharing Experience

NameDrop is another innovative feature, allowing users to share contacts by simply bringing their phones close together. This is a convenient and intuitive way to share information.

iOS 17 is shaping up to be a significant update for iPhone users, even if you’re not upgrading to the new iPhone 15 models. With feature-rich updates in messaging, calls, and user experience, the free update is bound to be a welcome upgrade for many.