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Arc Browser Introduces Beta Version of its Windows Client

Experience the Arc Windows beta rollout by The Browser Company, meeting user demand for a feature-packed browsing experience on Windows platforms.

The Browser Company Launches Arc Beta for Windows

Excitement surges as The Browser Company fulfills the fervent requests of users and observers by announcing the launch of the Arc Windows client beta. Responding to the high demand for a Windows version after the successful Mac client release, the company gears up to expand its user base by inviting the first set of beta users starting today.

This beta launch marks the beginning of an eagerly anticipated journey for Windows users, with The Browser Company committed to onboarding additional beta users throughout the month. Anticipating a rapid increase in invite roll-outs come January, the company's move to meet the demand is evident, especially with over 500,000 users already on the Windows waitlist.

The announcement tweet from The Browser Company heralds the launch, hinting at the imminent arrival of invites for many, inviting excitement and anticipation for what Arc on Windows has to offer.

While the company hasn't confirmed feature parity between the Windows and Mac clients, it's actively working on porting features like Peek (webpage preview on hover) and Mini Arc. This suggests that some functionalities may initially be absent at launch but are in the pipeline for future integration.

A dedicated team, including key individuals like Alexandra Medway, Darin Fischer, and Saleem Abdulrasool, has been steering the development of Arc on Windows. With plans to open-source its code for Windows, The Browser Company aims to foster transparency and community involvement in its development process.

Arc browser has witnessed significant advancements throughout the year, from introducing an iPhone companion app to unveiling AI-based features and collaboration capabilities. With each iteration, Arc continues to evolve, providing users with an enhanced and feature-rich browsing experience.