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Ariat Joins Hands with John McNeil Studio: A Rodeo Style Wave on Sun-Drenched Beaches

Get ready to embrace a refreshing twist on Western wear, as John McNeil Studio and Ariat join forces to create a vibrant and captivating campaign that explores the evolving style of the new generation. Dubbed "Western Born, Island Worn," the campaign showcases Ariat's Hilo casual footwear as a contemporary alternative to traditional Western boots.

To dive into the heart of this rising culture, John McNeil Studio (JMS) embarked on a journey to Gillette, Wyoming, to attend the National High School Rodeo Finals. The team interviewed 30 young athletes from 13 different states, participating in eight distinct rodeo events. These candid conversations painted a vivid picture of passionate athletes with diverse backgrounds, interests, and styles.

JMS Executive Creative Director, Gerald Lewis, elaborates, "These kids' style is, of course, firmly planted in Western and rodeo culture, but they put their own spin on it." Inspired by this unique blend, JMS crafted the "Western Born, Island Worn" theme, merging beachwear and Western wear in a fresh, exciting way.

The campaign bursts with striking imagery featuring real rodeo athletes in unconventional settings – riding skateboards, surfing, and exploring tropical landscapes. Videos showcase professional riders Clayton Sellars and Lefty Holman taking a break from the bulls to conquer the waves, accompanied by the voice of rodeo announcer Clint Adkins.

Spanning digital, TV, retail, and social media, this innovative campaign champions the Ariat brand while shining a spotlight on young athletes and their impact on rodeo and Western style. Gerald Lewis shares the enthusiasm, saying, "From the athletes, to the clients, to the creatives, we all had a great time bringing this campaign to life and we look forward to helping Ariat continue to tell these stories."

In essence, Ariat and John McNeil Studio's bold collaboration has given rise to a visually stunning and engaging campaign that celebrates the evolution of Western culture and style. Hold on tight as "Western Born, Island Worn" takes you on a thrilling ride, showcasing the unique flair of a new generation in Ariat's fashionable and versatile footwear.