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Artisse Can Craft AI-Generated Photos of You from Text Prompts, Templates, or Reference Images

Artisse, an AI photo app, offers improved realism and customization features compared to its competitors. Discover how it aims to democratize perfect personal photography.

Artisse Offers AI-Generated Images of You Using Prompts, Templates, or Reference Pictures

Artisse is a ground-breaking AI photo creation app aiming to challenge existing platforms like Remini by focusing on hyperrealism and diversity in its offerings.

Unlike most of its competitors, Artisse asks users to upload 15 selfies to train its AI. Users can then utilize either text or image prompts to generate new, realistic photos of themselves in various settings and styles.

The app allows for deep customization, including choosing from templates or uploading a reference image. Users can modify generated images further through style changes and additional prompts.

Artisse is also working towards offering better representation of different body shapes and skin tones—areas where similar platforms have received criticism. The app is looking to resolve these challenges in its future updates.


William Wu, the founder of Artisse, believes that perfect personal photography should not be a luxury. He aims to make this tech available to all, irrespective of background or expertise.

The app takes 30 to 40 minutes to process selfies and train its AI, but the results reportedly offer greater realism than what is currently on the market.

Artisse offers the first 25 photos for free and plans to charge around 20 cents per photo thereafter. A subscription model featuring HD and sizing features is in the pipeline, along with an end-to-end service for B2B clients.

Available on both iOS and Android, Artisse aims to tap into the large market of photo-editing app users. The company is also planning a web release next month and is currently in funding negotiations with U.K.-based VCs.

Artisse is carving out a unique space in the AI photo app industry. With its focus on realism, customization, and inclusivity, it is poised to make a significant impact.

What are your thoughts on Artisse's approach to AI-generated photography? Do you think it's the next big thing?