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Auctoria Leverages Generative AI to Innovate Video Game Design

Auctoria emerges with generative AI to automatically create 3D video game assets, presenting a new horizon in game development. Based in Poland, the platform signifies a breakthrough, promising extensive model types and levels for game professionals.

Auctoria: Elevating Game Design with Generative AI

Aleksander Caban, co-founder of Carbon Studio, recognized the cumbersome nature of manual game design several years ago. This realization sparked the inception of Auctoria, a platform rooted in Gliwice, Poland, aiming to revolutionize the world of game development by automating the creation of 3D video game assets through generative AI technology.

Auctoria, a participant in the Startup Battlefield 200 at TechCrunch Disrupt 2023, allows users to effortlessly generate diverse model types and entire 3D game levels. Its powerful toolset can transform uploaded images and textures into 3D equivalents or convert sketches and text prompts into digital models, fostering an environment of limitless creativity for game development professionals.

All algorithms and training data underpinning Auctoria were developed in-house, ensuring complete independence from external providers and open-source solutions. “Auctoria is based 100% on our content, so we’re not dependent on any other provider,” stated Joanna Zając.

Auctoria joins the ranks of platforms and companies like 3DFY, Scenario, Kaedim, Mirage, Hypothetic, Nvidia, and Autodesk, all exploring the generative AI space for game asset creation. The immense market potential, projected to reach $3.57 billion by 2028, is driving innovations and solutions, with each endeavoring to carve a niche in this booming domain.

Despite the burgeoning competition, Auctoria stands out with its extensive development cycle, resulting in a robust and comprehensive toolset that outstrips many existing solutions. “Existing solutions typically consist of 3D editors and plugins, but they offer only a fraction of Auctoria’s capabilities,” remarked Zając.

With plans for general availability in the coming months, Auctoria is gearing up to raise approximately $5 million to enhance its back-end cloud services and scale the platform efficiently. This investment will not only reduce computing time but also refine user experiences, with a focus on smooth onboarding and superior customer service.

Auctoria is redefining the paradigms of game development by harnessing generative AI to create intricate 3D video game assets. With its uncompromising independence and advanced toolset, the platform is poised to usher in a new era in game design, offering unparalleled solutions and opportunities to professionals in the industry. The ongoing advancements in this field underline the transformative potential of AI in fostering creativity and innovation in game development.