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Austria's Tourism Body Chooses Wien Nord Serviceplan as Fresh Agency Partner

Wien Nord Serviceplan takes the helm for the Austrian National Tourist Office's branding. A new era of post-pandemic tourism communication beckons!

From left to right: Christian Hellinger, Martina Bednarik, Markus Mazuran & Astrid Steharnig-Staudinge

Break out the bubbly, Austria's tourism scene is about to undergo a facelift! The Austrian National Tourist Office (ANTO), after a few years of agency hiatus, scoured Europe since December 2022 and has finally found its perfect match: Wien Nord Serviceplan. This Vienna-based agency isn't a newbie, with a track record boasting successful campaigns for WienTourismus and Burgenland Tourismus.

As a stalwart of the Serviceplan Group’s House of Communication Vienna, Wien Nord Serviceplan is prepped to navigate ANTO through the maze of post-pandemic travel shifts. Their mission? Reinvent Austria as a travel jewel on the global stage. Keep your eyes peeled at ITB 2024 in Berlin, where this collaboration’s debut is set.

Markus Mazuran, the agency's chief, chimes in, "Tourism isn't just about travel; it mirrors society's pulse. Today's travel trends? Tailored, eco-friendly breaks, soft tourism, and even tech like A.I. reshaping the experience. The cookie-cutter approach to marketing destinations is passé. We’re on board with ANTO to carve a niche for Austria.”

Echoing his sentiments, ANTO’s captain, Astrid Steharnig-Staudinger, adds, "Choosing Wien Nord Serviceplan isn't just about branding. It's a statement of our commitment to innovate and cast Austria in a bold, new light. I’m buzzing with excitement for this alliance and confident we’ll paint Austria as everyone's dream destination.”

Spring 2024 promises the first glimpses of this alliance in action. Austria, get set to shine anew!