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BeReal Introduces RealChat: A New In-App Messaging Feature

BeReal, the popular social media app, unveils a brand new feature, RealChat, a messaging system designed to enhance user interaction and encourage in-app conversations.

RealChat: BeReal’s Innovative Messaging Feature.

BeReal is stepping up its game by introducing RealChat, a unique chat feature, initially available to users in Ireland.

Upon launch, RealChat will provide users the freedom to privately message friends, share personal BeReal photos (front-back pictures with no time restrictions), and react using RealMoji, BeReal’s exclusive custom emojis. Messaging on RealChat is only possible between existing friends on the BeReal platform, providing an additional layer of security. This new chat system will also incorporate blocking and reporting features to ensure user safety. Although users can delete their own messages, they will remain visible on their friends’ apps unless both chat participants delete them. BeReal assures that once fully deleted, these messages will be entirely removed from their system within 30 days.

BeReal revealed that RealChat is a response to user demands for private messaging. Beyond providing a platform for users to discuss their BeReals without public comments, RealChat serves as a strategy to increase user engagement and daily app usage.

Despite its inception only in 2020, BeReal saw a surge in popularity among Gen Z and millennials last year, owing to its authentic approach to social media. The app sends a random daily prompt to users, "time to BeReal," requiring them to capture and share a front-and-back camera photo within two minutes. This feature, promoting authentic captures over polished posts, is a refreshing alternative to conventional social media norms.

BeReal has remained resilient amid competition and feature mimicry from social media giants such as TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat. This spring marked the introduction of new features, including a Spotify integration displaying users' current tracks when posting a BeReal and the Bonus BeReal feature, which allows additional daily posts given the first BeReal is timely.

BeReal, with its 20 million daily active users and backing from a $60 million Series B funding round, has yet to monetize the app through ads or paid features, indicating substantial untapped potential for revenue generation.