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BeReal Introduces 'RealPeople' Timeline, Featuring Celebrities' Candid Moments

BeReal, known for spontaneous photo-sharing, introduces RealPeople, a curated timeline showcasing candid moments of celebrities like artists, athletes, and activists, emphasizing that they are just like everyone else.

BeReal, a popular app known for its spontaneous photo-sharing features among friends, is introducing a new feature called 'RealPeople.' This curated timeline aims to showcase photos of famous people such as artists, athletes, and activists, demonstrating that celebrities are just like everyone else.

The app, which markets itself as "Your friends for real," typically allows users to exchange daily selfies and front-facing photos with friends, sharing their real-life moments. However, with the introduction of RealPeople, BeReal is now bringing strangers into the mix, offering users a glimpse into the lives of high-profile individuals.

According to BeReal, RealPeople is not about promoting brands or amassing likes and comments. Users won't see photoshopped images, product recommendations, or sponsored posts. Instead, the feature aims to highlight the similarities between people, regardless of their status.

Currently, the RealPeople feature is only available for testing in the UK. Users can access it by selecting the Discovery tab and then clicking on RealPeople. They can then react to posts using a RealMoji, hide posts, or report them. BeReal also provides a form for users to suggest themselves or someone else for the RealPeople timeline.

BeReal's popularity surged last summer but has since cooled down, partly due to the lack of meaningful new features. As noted by Platformer's Casey Newton, recent updates, such as allowing users to take more than one photo per day, seem to go against the app's core philosophy. However, the introduction of the RealPeople timeline could potentially reignite user interest and engagement.