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BeReal Makes a Comeback with Its First Global Brand Campaign

BeReal reignites its presence in the digital sphere by launching its debut global brand campaign, targeting both old and potential users.

BeReal's Comeback: A Global Brand Campaign

In a robust move to reclaim its position in the digital community, BeReal has unveiled its pioneering global brand campaign. This strategic move marks the photo-sharing app's resurgence, especially when it was on the brink of fading from the digital limelight.

Catering primarily to the Gen Z demographic, BeReal is leveraging the prowess of other leading social media platforms for its OOH campaign rollout. The competition invites users to parade their BeReal posts either on Instagram or X, the platform that took the reins from Twitter.

The mission behind this campaign is twofold: magnetizing potential users while ensuring the current user base remains engaged and loyal. The most enticing carrot dangled before the users? A chance to be the poster face on BeReal’s inaugural billboard in the iconic Times Square.

Julian Hislop, the BeReal head of field marketing, voiced optimism, "We're now in an immensely favorable stride. The app's performance is at its zenith, paving the way for ingenious and engaging marketing endeavors."

Yet, the backdrop reveals the app's recent stumbles. Despite boasting 25 million daily active users, the monthly count plunged from 73.5 million in August 2022 to a mere 33.3 million by March this year.

Historically, BeReal's rise to fame came post Twitter’s aggressive takeover. Recognizing the potential, brands like Chipotle, e.l.f Cosmetics, and Shake Shack jumped on board, seeking to cultivate connections in this burgeoning digital enclave.