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Bird Buddy Unveils Open-Access App, Bringing AI-Powered Birdwatching to Everyone

Ready to explore the wondrous world of birds from your own home? Bird Buddy Explore lets you connect with feathered friends from around the globe!

Bird Buddy

Hold onto your binoculars, birdwatching buffs! Bird Buddy, the trailblazing startup known for its AI-powered smart bird feeders, is taking you on a virtual journey like no other. Meet Bird Buddy Explore—your digital passport to a myriad of bird species across the globe, from Kenya's vibrant savannas to the mystical heights of Bhutan!

Who said you need a bird feeder or even a backyard to enjoy birdwatching? The Explore feature broadens Bird Buddy's avian arena to the armchair adventurer in you. The startup logs an astonishing 1 million bird detections daily, generating a treasure trove of curated content for you to explore!

To soar into this new experience, simply download the Bird Buddy app, available for both iOS and Android. The newly included “Explore” section flaunts a globe icon—your gateway to virtual birdwatching. Swipe through feeds and tap "connect to feeder" to select your birdwatching paradise. You’ll even receive delightful “postcards,” snapshots, and videos of your feathery friends!

But wait, there's more! The app not only shows you birds but also educates you about them. That’s right; the Explore feature is sprinkled with fascinating tidbits on each species you encounter.

Can't get enough? Bird Buddy is also launching two enticing accessories: the Perch Extender and the 3-in-1 Nutrition Set to lure an even greater variety of birds.

“As our mission is to foster daily connections with nature for as many people as possible, we aim to truly unlock the magical world of birds,” stated Bird Buddy CEO Franci Zidar.

Plus, the company introduced a subscription service, Bird Buddy Pro, for those who want to fine-tune their birdwatching and an upcoming seed subscription for optimal bird attraction.

With over 150,000 feeders installed globally, recognizing more than 1,000 species, Bird Buddy is literally and metaphorically spreading its wings. Why not join this incredible avian adventure today?