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Bitget Wallet and UniSat Forge Partnership to Co-Develop Bitcoin Ecosystem

Bitget Wallet teams up with UniSat, enabling effortless Bitcoin NFT management via browser extensions and mobile apps, fostering growth in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Bitget Wallet Forges Partnership with UniSat, Elevating Bitcoin NFT Services in Web3

Bitget Wallet, previously BitKeep, announces its strategic alliance with UniSat Wallet, a pioneer in Bitcoin NFTs, to advance services within the Bitcoin ecosystem. This partnership aims to elevate the Bitcoin experience, integrating Bitget Wallet's browser extension onto UniSat's official site. Additionally, UniSat becomes the recommended DApp on Bitget Wallet's Bitcoin section.

The collaboration empowers Bitget Wallet users to seamlessly access UniSat's offerings through their browser extension and mobile app. Users can effortlessly manage Taproot addresses, embed texts, videos, and BRC-20 tokens via the Ordinals protocol, and conduct trades and transfers on the UniSat Marketplace.

Bitget Wallet emphasizes the expansion and enrichment of the Bitcoin ecosystem to offer diversified choices and enhance the overall Web3 experience for its users.

Bitget Wallet's mobile and browser extension versions now support Taproot address formats, offer display and transfer services for BRC-20 tokens and NFTs, enabling users to efficiently manage their BTC assets, various BRC-20 tokens, and NFTs within their Bitget Wallet. Future plans include extending support to Lightning Network, Nostr architecture, and Taproot Assets.

In its DApp browser, Bitget Wallet has introduced a dedicated Bitcoin zone, featuring numerous popular Bitcoin ecosystem applications like UniSat, BTCTool, OrdSpace, BitPad, and Ordinals Market. Users gain easy access to these tools and specific DApps using customized DApp URLs.

Moving forward, Bitget Wallet and UniSat aim to deepen their partnership in line with market demands, striving together to foster the growth of the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Formerly BitKeep, Bitget Wallet stands as Asia's largest Web3 trading wallet, offering a spectrum of on-chain products and DeFi services. Serving over 12 million users globally, Bitget Wallet is renowned for secure and convenient services, with strategic partnerships including Ethereum, BNB Chain, Arbitrum, and Solana. The rebranding to Bitget Wallet in August followed a $30 million investment from leading crypto derivatives platform Bitget in March 2023, marking a transformative strategic move.