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Blink's Newest Battery-Powered Camera Features Person Detection

Amazon's Blink has launched the Outdoor 4, a budget-friendly smart security camera with standout features like person detection and a two-year battery life.

Blink Outdoor 4 Camera with person detection and two-year battery life.

If you're in the market for an affordable, long-lasting, and smart security camera, Blink just might have the device you're looking for. Amazon’s budget-friendly camera brand has just launched its new flagship, the Blink Outdoor 4. This smart security camera goes above and beyond with features like person detection, upgraded image quality, and improved motion detection—all while keeping the brand’s signature two-year battery life with just two AA batteries.

What’s New?

  • Person Detection: This feature drastically reduces false alarms by notifying you only when an actual person is detected.
  • Upgraded Image Quality: The new Blink 4 maintains the 1080p video quality found in its predecessor but offers a more vivid experience, improved low-light sensitivity, and a wider field of view.
  • Enhanced Motion Detection: Featuring advanced dual-zone motion detection to minimize false alerts.
  • Sleek Design: The new camera sports a more modern and streamlined design, similar to the older Blink 3.
  • Subscription Plans: $3 a month or $30 a year for cloud storage of up to 60 days of footage. Local storage also available via a USB stick.

While some may argue that you can get higher resolution with other cameras like Wyze’s latest offering, which sports 2K video quality for $94, it’s worth mentioning that those cameras don’t promise the same battery longevity. The Blink cameras are known for their incredible two to three-year battery life, depending on usage.

Given their compact size and durable design, these cameras can go just about anywhere—from guarding your front door to watching over your garden rabbit hutch.

While the Blink cameras are fully compatible with Amazon Alexa, allowing for features like live footage on Echo Show or motion alerts on an Echo speaker, they currently lack integration with Google Home and other platforms.

At a starting price of $119.99 for a one-camera system (Sync Module 2 required) or $109.99 for an add-on camera, the Blink Outdoor 4 provides a balanced mix of features, quality, and longevity that's hard to beat in the budget smart camera market.