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BMW Expands Digital Key Plus Support to Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy Devices

BMW enthusiasts, rejoice! The German automaker has announced that its Digital Key Plus technology is now compatible with a broader range of smartphones, including Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy devices. This move expands the reach of the convenient keyless access technology, enhancing the user experience for even more BMW owners.

Digital Key Plus, which first debuted on the iPhone, utilizes Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology to allow drivers to unlock and start their BMW vehicles using their smartphones. With the addition of Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy support, BMW is making it easier than ever for users to take advantage of this secure and convenient feature.

The technology works seamlessly, enabling drivers to leave their physical keys at home. The digital key allows users to unlock their car by simply approaching the vehicle with their smartphone. The car's engine can also be started with just a tap on the phone screen. As an added bonus, drivers can share their digital key with up to five friends, granting them access to the vehicle.

This update from BMW follows a growing trend in the automotive industry, with many manufacturers looking to integrate digital key technology into their vehicles. The convenience and security offered by digital keys are driving this shift, and as more devices become compatible, it's likely that the adoption of such technology will continue to rise.

In summary, BMW's decision to extend Digital Key Plus support to Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy devices is a game-changer, ensuring that more users can access this groundbreaking feature. So, if you're a proud BMW owner with a compatible device, get ready to enjoy the convenience of keyless access and start your driving adventures with just a tap on your smartphone!