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Boost Your Best on X: Introducing the ‘Highlights’ Tab for Paid Users

X, the social media giant formerly known as Twitter, has unveiled a 'Highlights' tab for paid users, making it easier than ever to showcase your top posts.

Get Premium and Spotlight Your Best Posts on X!

Have you ever wanted to showcase more than just one tweet? X, the platform we once knew as Twitter, is leveling up its premium features! With the new 'Highlights' tab, you can now spotlight multiple posts and let them shine.

Our beloved social platform, X, is giving paid users a fresh way to flaunt their posts. Say hello to the ‘Highlights’ tab! An upgrade on the Blue/X Premium support page spills the beans on this new addition, letting users "feature their best posts" in a special profile section.

Though X began testing the ‘Highlights’ waters a few days ago with select subscribers, it's now officially rolling out the red carpet for all premium users. This feature ups the game from the single pinned tweet, now enabling users to magnify several worthy posts. Imagine artists displaying their masterpieces, or writers showcasing a library of their trending articles!

Adding posts to the 'Highlights' is a breeze. Just click on the three-dot menu on any post and choose the “Add/remove from Highlights” option.

But wait, there’s more from X’s innovation kitchen! TweetDeck has transitioned to a premium-only tool, coaxing more users towards the platform's paid services.

X’s evolution isn’t just about features. They’ve been experimenting with growth strategies like sharing ad revenue with subscribers and promoting community posts on the tailored "For You" timeline. However, a recent hiccup saw slowed link-opening times for outlets like The New York Times and Bluesky. Was it intentional or just a glitch? The jury's still out on that one!