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Brands Experiencing Early Success with Engagement on Meta's Threads App

Despite being new to the scene, Meta's Threads app is witnessing encouraging brand engagement rates. Can this early trend sustain over time?


Despite being in its infancy, Meta’s new Threads app is creating a buzz in the world of social media, particularly when it comes to brand engagement. Initial data reveals promising engagement rates for brands on Threads, with likes per post surpassing those on Twitter for many brands.

In a study conducted by Website Planet, active brands on Threads are reportedly generating around 8x their normal tweet engagement. Although it's too soon to draw definitive conclusions, these figures hint at the potential Threads has in facilitating brand growth and engagement.

However, it's worth noting that Threads currently has less than half the user base of Twitter, which could be influencing these early results. The limited competition on Threads might be helping brands to garner more attention, but whether this trend will continue as the app grows remains to be seen.

In addition to brands, Threads is also attracting world leaders, with 103 heads of state reportedly activating accounts so far. This suggests the app is generating interest from high-profile individuals, potentially boosting its credibility and future growth prospects.

Despite the positive early signs, Threads also faces challenges. According to Sensor Tower, time spent on the app has declined by 60% from its launch highs, and overall user engagement remains much lower than Instagram or Twitter.

Still, the Threads team has announced a series of updates aimed at improving user retention, indicating they are actively addressing these issues.

In conclusion, while it’s still early days for Threads, initial signs are encouraging for brands, with promising engagement levels noted. As the app develops and evolves, its true potential for brands will become more apparent.