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Brazil Street Agency Celebrates Dual Client Wins and Team Expansions in Manchester

Manchester-based Brazil Street Agency secures two high-profile clients and new team members amid a period of unprecedented growth.

Manchester's Brazil Street Agency is on a roll, landing two clients in rapid succession: Solmar Villas Ltd, specializing in tailor-made villa holidays, and Millboard Company Ltd, known for high-end sustainable decking and cladding.

While not officially stated, the new client pairing offers potential for synergistic collaborations, such as Millboard providing luxury decking at Solmar Villas.

Team Expansion

  • James Watkins: Appointed as AV Director, formerly from Wavemaker, brings specialist experience.
  • James Albert: Joins as Account Director, previously from Mediacom, also offers a wealth of expertise.

The agency has acquired and refurbished a former Barclays Bank in South Manchester as part of its growth plan.

Peter Greenhalgh, Brazil Street Agency director, expressed his delight over the agency's rapid growth and the performance of the new team members. He also mentioned looking forward to interacting with clients and partners in the new workspace.

Brazil Street Agency's back-to-back client wins and team expansions signal an upward trajectory for the company. As the agency moves into its new workspace, the next chapter seems set for further growth and success.

For more updates on Brazil Street Agency and the broader marketing and advertising industry, stay tuned.