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Breaking: OKX Wallet Integrates with Web3 Platform CPIToken

Discover how OKX Wallet's integration with CPIToken offers users decentralized funding and investment tools in the global consumer finance sector via Web3 extensions.

OKX Wallet Integrates with CPIToken, Empowering Users in Consumer Finance via Web3

OKX revealed its integration with CPIToken, a Web3 platform focused on the global consumer finance sector. Through this integration, OKX Wallet users gain access to CPIToken's decentralized suite, facilitating capital funding, investment, and business financing via a web extension.

To access CPIToken via the web extension:

  1. Download the OKX Wallet web extension available on Chrome and Firefox.
  2. Create or add an existing OKX Wallet.
  3. Connect the OKX Wallet to CPIToken through the web extension.

In addition to web extension access, users can explore CPIToken within OKX Wallet's Discover section, accessible on both web and mobile platforms. The Discover section curates over 10,000 dApps, DEXs, blockchain games, NFTs, and supplementary tools for user convenience.

OKX stands as a leading global technology company at the forefront of Web3 innovation. Their suite of products includes:

  • OKX Wallet: A robust, secure crypto wallet providing access to over 80 blockchains, incorporating MPC technology for secure fund custody and a Smart Account feature for multi-chain transaction support.
  • DEX: An aggregator of 300+ DEXs across multiple blockchains.
  • NFT Marketplace: A zero-fee platform offering access to NFT listings from top-tier marketplaces.
  • Web3 DeFi: Supporting earning and staking across various protocols and chains.

OKX collaborates with global brands and athletes, advocating for Web3 self-managed technology through its recent campaign, "The System Needs a Rewrite."