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Canopy: A New Social Networking App for Content Creators Unveiled by Ex-TikTok Employee

Canopy, a peer-to-peer platform, aims to connect content creators, encouraging them to share insights and experiences within a secure, anonymous space.

Canopy App

A new dawn in the world of content creation has emerged. Canopy, a brainchild of former TikTok employee Ayomi Samaraweera, is set to redefine how content creators connect, share knowledge, and build their networks. With its unique proposition of anonymity, Canopy offers a platform where creators can "spill the tea" without fear.

As it sets out on its maiden voyage with a pilot program to onboard 1,000 influencers, Canopy has its eyes set on three core niches - beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. But its ambit doesn't stop there. From pop culture enthusiasts and gaming gurus to food fanatics and adult content creators, Canopy casts a wide net.

Among its many features, "Branches" stands out. These are topic-focused groups that allow creators to delve deep into subjects ranging from brand partnerships and monetization to mental health and industry news. Ensuring candid conversations, the platform upholds the essence of anonymity. For instance, instead of revealing user identities, profiles might simply read as "NY Fashion Creator".

But Canopy also recognizes the need for creators to connect more personally. Hence, it's rolling out a feature that allows creators to toggle between anonymity and real-name visibility. Additionally, to incentivize engagement, the app will introduce "Aura Points", rewarding creators for active participation and contributions.

Ayomi Samaraweera is no stranger to the creator economy. Apart from her stint at TikTok, she's been on the other side as a TikTok creator with a following of over 25,000. Her journey in content creation, marked by challenges and solitary struggles, sowed the seeds for Canopy.

Backed by industry stalwarts like Hustle Fund VC, the founders of Jellysmack, and president of Jellysmack, Sean Atkins, Canopy has secured a commendable funding of $240,000 and has been accepted into Techstars Seattle.

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape where every 1 in 4 Gen Zers aspires to be a content creator, Canopy promises a sanctuary for learning, growth, and networking.