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CapCut by ByteDance: Revolutionizing Business Video Editing with AI

ByteDance expands its consumer-favorite video editing app, CapCut, into the business sphere with AI-driven features for enhanced advertising.

CapCut's AI-Driven Tools Set to Transform Business Ads

ByteDance, the mastermind behind the globally celebrated TikTok, is taking another leap by branching out its video editing sensation, CapCut, to cater to businesses. Originating as a top-ranking consumer video editing app, CapCut is now evolving with "CapCut for Business," designed to captivate the advertising and creator sectors.

This enhanced platform equips brands, marketers, and creators with state-of-the-art tools for ad and branded content creation. One of the standout features includes an AI-driven script generation tool that formulates ad scripts from a mere product or business description. The introduction of AI doesn't stop here.

An unparalleled offering by CapCut for Business is the AI-generated presenters, offering potential to revolutionize product demos and explainer videos. Adding more flavor to e-commerce, it features a virtual try-on capability, enabling customers to virtually experience products, an ideal fit for clothing merchants.

Team collaboration is at the forefront of CapCut for Business. It encourages collective creativity by allowing team-wide access, editing, reviews, and feedback incorporation.

Notably, the platform's origin, JianYing, was launched in China in 2019. Its global counterpart, CapCut, gained traction because of its symbiotic relationship with TikTok. As of August 2023, CapCut enjoyed a vast user base of 490 million across iOS and Android, approximately a quarter of TikTok's following.

ByteDance's commitment to innovation is evident. After launching AI-aided templates and effects in April, the app experienced a surge in downloads and consistent revenue hikes. The seamless integration of CapCut's plugin with ChatGPT further adds to its credentials.

As it stands, CapCut isn't just offering consumers a way to make captivating videos but is equipping businesses to elevate their video marketing game, without hefty investments in high-end video editing software.

Currently, CapCut for Business is open to brands, creators, and marketers for free, promising to reshape the video advertising landscape.