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Capsule Revolutionizes Video Production with New AI-Powered Editor for Enterprises

Capsule's new AI-driven video editor aims to revolutionize enterprise video production. The platform addresses key pain points, allowing teams to produce videos 10x faster.

Capsule Launches AI Video Editor

After three years in development, startup Capsule is launching its innovative AI-powered video editor aimed at enterprise teams. The platform's goal is not to eliminate human involvement but to facilitate a faster and more efficient video production process.

Capsule tackled common challenges faced by content and marketing teams, such as difficulties in video editing, motion graphics implementation, and maintaining strict brand guidelines. Traditionally, companies have outsourced video production due to these challenges, according to Capsule.

Capsule Launches AI Video Editor

Capsule's product offers the kind of simplicity found in other productivity apps like Notion and Slides. Its browser-based video editor eliminates the need for a high-performance computer, making the video editing process more accessible.

The platform allows users to easily add text and motion graphics without formal editing experience. Its AI algorithms can generate elements like headlines and images for B-roll. Furthermore, Capsule is developing features to enhance collaboration among different team members involved in video projects.

Capsule's unique scripting language, CapsuleScript, powers the video edits and is designed to work in a browser setting. The language includes a layout and animation engine similar to CSS, supports dynamic expressions like JavaScript, and allows resolution-independent motion graphics similar to SVG. CapsuleScript will soon be opened up to the community for further development.

After beta testing with over 160 companies, including HubSpot, Suzy, and Zapier, Capsule is launching into public beta with a waitlist of 10,000 people. The solution is free for individual business users with a company email, while enterprise pricing is on a per-seat basis, similar to tools like Figma.

Capsule’s new AI-powered video editor for enterprises aims to change the way marketing and content teams approach video production. By focusing on speed, collaboration, and accessibility, the platform hopes to make the once-daunting task of video editing simpler and more efficient.