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Chainlink and RPS Network Collaborate for Web3 Integration; Meme Moguls Rise as Dogecoin Contenders; Dogecoin's Persistent Rally

Explore how Chainlink's collaboration with RPS Network drives a surge, while Meme Moguls emerges as a serious rival to Dogecoin.

Chainlink and RPS Network Unveil Game-Changing Web3 Alliance

In a groundbreaking partnership, Chainlink and RPS Network are reshaping the future of Web3 integration. This alliance aims to elevate user targeting and retention on the RPS platform by seamlessly integrating artificial intelligence (AI) and permissionless data channels. Leveraging Chainlink’s cutting-edge tools like Verifiable Random Function and automation promises users a more personalized experience.

The cross-chain capabilities of Chainlink BUILD will exponentially expand RPS Network's reach, catering to a wider audience. In return for their support, Chainlink will receive a share of RPS Network’s tokens, solidifying a mutually beneficial collaboration aimed at enhancing both platforms' functionality and user experiences.

The impact has been profound on Chainlink, experiencing an impressive 89.76% surge in trading volume within 24 hours of this collaboration. Simultaneously, its price has soared by 5.01%, reaching $14.59. This surge is a direct reflection of the excitement generated by the partnership between Chainlink and RPS Network.

Meanwhile, in the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency, Meme Moguls emerges as a substantial player, potentially challenging Dogecoin's reign as the foremost meme coin investment. Differentiating itself from the usual meme coin hype, Meme Moguls introduces a unique play-to-earn (P2E) game that educates users about investing while entertaining them. Through simulated investing, diverse gameplay modes, community engagement, an NFT marketplace, and plans for a metaverse world, Meme Moguls stands out as a multifaceted and promising crypto coin in the meme coin domain.

Unlike other meme coins primarily driven by hype, Meme Moguls emphasizes genuine utility. The $MGLS token, functioning as an in-game currency and governance token, adds substantial value to its ecosystem. With notable demand, evidenced by a 50% sell-out during its stage 2 presale at $0.0023 per token, Meme Moguls presents tangible real-world earnings potential, positioning itself as a serious competitor to Dogecoin.

Despite challenges and temporary price dips, Dogecoin has exhibited resilience, reclaiming its position above resistance levels. With a 2.42% surge in the last 24 hours, Dogecoin's market agility shines through, maintaining its spot as the 10th largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. A remarkable 31.12% increase in trading volume within the same timeframe reflects strong community backing. Over 70% of the community expressing optimism solidifies Dogecoin’s position as a cryptocurrency worth holding, showcasing its ability to endure market fluctuations and uphold significance in the crypto realm.