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ChatGPT Fuels Innovative Snapchat Lens Experience

Discover the future of AR on Snapchat! Lens Fest reveals ChatGPT-powered lenses, answering queries instantly. Quizzes, randomizers, and more on the horizon.

Snapchat Unveils Game-Changing AR Lenses with ChatGPT Integration at Lens Fest

Prepare to witness the next level of augmented reality as Snapchat announces the integration of ChatGPT into its upcoming AR lenses. Unveiled at Lens Fest, the annual developer event, the new beta of Lens Studio empowers developers to create immersive filters that leverage the capabilities of ChatGPT. This groundbreaking feature promises to redefine user interaction within the Snapchat app.

In a sneak peek, Snapchat showcased a solar system-themed filter as an example. A user asked, "How far away is Neptune?" Within moments, the lens provided a prompt and accurate response. The potential applications of this feature are vast, extending beyond informative queries to the creation of quizzes and randomizers, promising users a dynamic and engaging experience.

Notably, OpenAI's ChatGPT already powers another feature on Snapchat called My AI, a chatbot that simulates conversations with a friend. Originally exclusive to paying Snapchat Plus subscribers, My AI became free for all users this spring. The integration of ads within the chatbot's responses has also been experimented with, leading to a preliminary enforcement notice from a UK data rights protection group.

The move towards AI-powered creation tools is gaining momentum across various platforms, with YouTube, Meta, and TikTok all embracing generative AI for photo editing and filters. Meta's AI chatbots, featuring celebrities like MrBeast and Kendall Jenner, have made waves, while TikTok has introduced measures to identify content created using AI tools.

Snapchat's commitment to innovation doesn't stop there. Lens developers will now have access to a new 3D face mask generator, enabling the creation of generative AI face lenses. Additionally, the newly announced developer tools facilitate collaborative projects, allowing multiple individuals to work on them simultaneously. The future of AR on Snapchat is vibrant, dynamic, and ready to revolutionize your lens experience!