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Chester's Clicky Names Foreman as New Art Director

Ready for a creative surge? Clicky Media has tapped Gregg Foreman as its new Art Director to supercharge growth and refresh the brand!

Gregg Foreman

Talk about an exciting plot twist! Clicky Media, the digital agency you can't ignore, just dialed up their creative mojo by appointing Gregg Foreman as their new Art Director. Hold the applause; there’s more to this thrilling story!

With a decade of marketing magic up his sleeve, Gregg isn’t your average creative guy. His artistic journey spans multiple renowned agencies, including a recent stint as Design Director at The Loft. He’s seasoned, skilled, and oh-so-ready to take Clicky to new heights!

Gregg won't just be doodling and daydreaming; he’s stepping into a role with serious responsibilities. He’s the newfound creative guide for stellar clients like Pfizer, Raleigh, and Huel. And hey, if you've got an eye on Clicky’s ever-evolving brand, you'll notice Gregg’s fingerprints all over it, especially on their freshly relaunched website.

Laura Hothersall, the Agency Director at Clicky, couldn't be happier. "Gregg will expand our portfolio in line with our ambitious growth plans," she beamed. As for Gregg, joining Clicky feels like sliding into the right groove at the right time. “I can’t wait to get under the skin of the Clicky brand,” he quipped, his excitement palpable.

So, for all you Clicky Media clients and fans, brace yourselves for an avalanche of innovation and artistry! With Gregg Foreman in the mix, Clicky isn't just clicking; it's about to explode in the best possible way!