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Chrome’s reading mode might read articles out loud

Google is upping the game by testing a new text-to-speech feature in Chrome's Reader Mode. Find out how this innovation could redefine your browsing habits.

Chrome's New Text-to-Speech Feature Under Testing

Hey tech enthusiasts, brace yourselves for what could be a game-changer in how you consume content online! Google is said to be testing a text-to-speech feature in Chrome's Reader Mode, a revelation made public by a vigilant user on the bleeding-edge version of Chrome—Canary.

Hit the play button at the top of an article, and voila, Google Chrome reads it out to you! Although the feature is still in its experimental phase, as evidenced by a shared video on Reddit, it has already garnered attention and speculation. For now, the voice sounds more like a monotone robot than your friendly narrator, but hey, Rome wasn't built in a day!

But wait, there's a caveat. Microsoft's Edge has already been rocking a robust text-to-speech feature in its immersive view. So, the question is: Is Google late to the party or fashionably late with something extraordinary up its sleeve?

Whether you're a multitasker wanting to catch up on news while working or someone who prefers absorbing information through audio, this feature could be a godsend. The only catch? Google needs to ditch the robotic tone for something more, well, human.

So, Chrome aficionados, keep your eyes peeled for this feature in upcoming updates. And Google, if you're listening, let's make that voice a tad more lifelike, shall we?