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Coca-Cola Adopts SeenThis Streaming Technology to Reduce Carbon Footprint in Digital Campaigns

Coca-Cola partners with SeenThis to implement streaming technology in their digital campaigns, reducing data transfer and minimizing their carbon footprint.

Coca-Cola has partnered with OpenX Media LatAm and adaptive streaming tech company SeenThis to improve the performance of their digital campaigns while reducing their carbon footprint. By implementing SeenThis technology for Coca-Cola and Sprite video campaigns across various markets, they managed to transfer an estimated 25% less data compared to conventional video ad serving.

Coca-Cola's collaboration with SeenThis enabled the brand to increase video reach and maintain cost efficiency by replacing standard banners with high-quality video content. SeenThis's adaptive streaming technology allows for lower data transfer and a smaller CO2 footprint compared to conventional technology.

Coca-Cola and SeenThis working together to minimize carbon footprint in digital advertising campaigns.

Using SeenThis's carbon emissions calculator, Coca-Cola and Sprite's 23.5 million video ad impressions in Q4 led to an estimated 25% reduction in data transfer compared to conventional ad serving technology. This corresponds to avoiding approximately 5 tons of CO2e emissions, or the equivalent of about 156,000 plastic bags.

Florencia Formica, Head of Performance LATAM at OpenX Media, highlighted the benefits of SeenThis streaming, which improves user experience, brand outcomes, and sustainability efforts. Moving into 2023, OpenX Media LatAm plans to scale the volume of impressions using streaming technology, optimizing brands' communication goals at lower costs while minimizing the carbon footprint from digital advertising.