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CodeSee Incorporates Generative AI for Natural Language Code Queries

CodeSee has integrated generative AI into its platform, allowing developers to make natural language inquiries about their code bases. This interactive feature enables programmers to better understand the links and dependencies within their systems.

Generative AI in CodeSee Enhances Code Base Understanding

CodeSee, a company established in 2019 to help developers understand an entire code base within an organization, has added generative AI to its platform. Initially designed to provide visual maps of connections between services and systems, this new AI capability enables developers to ask natural language queries about the code base.

CodeSee CEO and co-founder Shanea Leven said the addition of generative AI aligns perfectly with the company's mission. The new AI feature enhances users' understanding of the code, providing an interactive way to ask questions about it. Users can pose queries like how logging or state management operates in the code base, and CodeSee returns a text-based answer accompanied by a code map showing connections in the code relevant to the query.

This AI feature extends the functionality of CodeSee, offering developers a more in-depth understanding of their code. It shows the locations of files and functions in the IDE, providing the context of how something operates.

The company collaborated with Microsoft and OpenAI to develop the generative AI feature. This partnership facilitated the feature's quick development without the need to hire more employees.

CodeSee recently introduced service maps to provide companies with visibility across multiple code bases. The company's new generative AI feature, which is currently in beta and available on request, is expected to further enhance clarity about their code for customers. After working with enterprise customers to refine the tool, CodeSee plans to make it generally available later this year.