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Delabs and Galxe Form Strategic Alliance for Web3 Game Promotion

Discover the partnership's impact on Rumble Racing Star's launch. Delabs and Galxe unite for a new era of community-centric Web3 gaming.

Delabs and Galxe Forge a Strategic Web3 Partnership for Rumble Racing Star

Delabs, the web3-focused arm of 4:33 Creative Lab, and Galxe, a renowned platform in Web3 communities, have announced a strategic collaboration aimed at propelling the anticipated launch of Rumble Racing Star's Open Beta Test (OBT) in November.

This partnership is designed to synchronize marketing strategies, leveraging Galxe's platform and extensive user base to spotlight Rumble Racing Star. The joint initiatives will center on brand promotion and organizing community events tailored to engage users during and post the OBT phase.

Galxe, with over 13 million global users, stands as a pivotal player in the Web3 domain, fostering substantial growth across platforms like Optimism, Polygon, and Arbitrum. With an impressive track record of over 40,000 campaigns and 8 million monthly visitors, Galxe's reach solidifies the foundation for Rumble Racing Star's visibility.

Under the leadership of former Nexon CEO Joonmo Kwon, Delabs anticipates the imminent launch of Rumble Racing Star, alongside other ongoing projects like Space Frontier and MetaBolts. The collaboration with Galxe is deemed mutually beneficial, poised to fortify Rumble Racing Star's success in the OBT phase and in the long run.

CEO Joonmo Kwon sees this partnership as a gateway to a broader global audience, contributing to an open and collaborative data network, crucial for Rumble Racing Star's interaction within communities and Web3 ecosystems.

Galxe's Co-Founder, Charles Wayn, shares the excitement about the collaboration, emphasizing its mission beyond marketing. They aim to craft an interactive community experience transcending traditional gaming boundaries, setting new benchmarks in the gaming realm.

In essence, the Delabs-Galxe alliance signifies a pivotal stride in Rumble Racing Star's promotion. Through joint efforts, they aspire not only to amplify the game's visibility but also to redef