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Deliveroo Debuts Fresh Brand Identity to Strengthen Global Presence

Deliveroo introduces an evolved brand identity, focusing on consistency and differentiation across its international markets, highlighting its recognizable elements.

Deliveroo Reveals Revamped Branding for Global Appeal

Riding high on a decade of growth, Deliveroo is ready to take on the world with its revamped brand identity. The in-house creative arm, Deliveroo Creative, spearheaded this evolution, aiming for a harmonious and distinct presence across its expansive global markets.

This evolution wasn't just an act of redesigning but an effort to understand the heart of the brand. The foundation was what customers identified Deliveroo with - the iconic teal color, the distinct 'Roo Head' design, and the wordmark.

The 'Roo Head', which was previously modernized in 2016 by DesignStudio, received another makeover, refreshing its look for the current audience. But there's more! Accompanying this redesign is a new graphic device, aptly named "the Rooute". It's a tangible manifestation of the brand's DNA, reflecting the color teal and angles of the 'Roo Head'. Beyond aesthetics, it's a depiction of a Deliveroo rider's journey, from the restaurant's kitchen to the customer's doorstep.

Additionally, the redesign boasts typographic stickers, irregular shapes inspired by the 'Roo Head' eyes, symbolizing the hands-on approach of Deliveroo's service - from handcrafted dishes to the personal delivery by riders.

Emily Somers, Deliveroo's Global Director of Brand and Creative, praised the in-house team's prowess and intimate knowledge of the brand, enabling them to create an identity that resonates across the globe and with their agency partners. The eight-month-long journey was about building a brand that everyone associated with Deliveroo can resonate with and be proud of.

Paul Hewitt, Deliveroo’s Global Head of Creative, expressed the importance of this rebranding. To him, it signifies a consistent visual foundation, emphasizing the vitality and potential of the 'Roo Head'. Hewitt stated, "Sometimes the answer is staring you right in the face."

As brand custodians, the creative team's role has become even more pivotal in Deliveroo's journey. Hewitt added, "We’re hungry for more and I’m excited to start to bring this work to life to keep Deliveroo looking smoking hot and tasty – around the world.”

This brand revitalization aligns with Deliveroo's earlier global platform, ‘It’s All On Your Doorstep’, underscoring its central role in global local food scenes.